Clean, precise, and timely.

Translation and interpretation between English and Serbian.

ICT, electrical engineering, public administration, European integration, international projects...

Years of experience in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

Translations of popular science books and genre fiction.

Welcome to the website! As the title succintly says in Serbian, what we do is translate! Specifically, we are dedicated to technical translation in a number of areas. Our focus is, on the one hand, public administration, human rights, international projects and related areas, while on the other hand we are focused on scientific and technical writing in physical sciences, electrical and other areas of engineering and ICT.

If you need a high-quality translation from any of the above areas (or any area not explicitly listed above), contact us!

Fotografija prevodioca tokom konsekutivnog tumańćenja.


Sebastian Adanko

I have been working for several decades as a translator, interpreter, copywriter and editor for a number of companies, organisations, print and online media and magazines, primarily oriented towards ICT, physical and technical sciences, legislation and public administration, European integration and international projects, and in the IT industry on a broad range of platforms and operating sytems, oriented towards internet and intranet solutions developed using open source tools.

I implement more complex projects for larger clients in coopeartion with a sizable network of colleagues with whom I have years of successful cooperation.

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